The third edition of the project, WE AfriHug 2020, took place from January until May 2020. This edition aims to promote Erasmus+ and widen participation of HEIs and CSOs. Training seminars for HEIs and CSOs took place in Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad. This time, WE AfriHug team joined forces with the garagErasmus Foundation and the Erasmus Mundus Association, in order to develop and implement the project with the representatives of the African countries on the ground. This edition was funded by the Erasmus+ Students & Alumni Association.


  1. To promote Erasmus+ opportunities to HEIs and CSOs in the aforementioned countries; 
  2. To build the capacity of board members, academic staff, students and youth workers for participation in Erasmus+
  3. To create synergies between EU and AU HEIs and CSOs.
Report WE AfriHug 2020
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